Character Bios


Now victim of digital virus Guryamon, Jiro works for electronics chain LTronics. From home, he builds custom equipment and runs an online shop that sells gaming PCs. He doesn't typically hang out in social hubs unless it's for business but his co-worker, Kyle, often tries to expose him to more casual settings



Outgoing, inquisitive, and maybe a little too trusting at times, Tanvi, though not the youngest, is teasingly called the runt of her siblings. She fights for everything she wants, but her need to share in the spoils leaves her empty handed-- Just as she sees fit.


Quiet but not reserved, Lyric's dreams have been dampened by routine. She believes that by expanding her world view, she can rest easier. However, Lyric's getting more than she can handle, being restless may not be sign of destiny calling after all. At least that's what she thinks.


Hard to ignore, but would prefer you did, Anisa's learned it's better to keep quiet than to sound stupid, to play it reserved than look silly. It's not the "wrong crowd" if you're the concious female of the group. Wait, they do know you're a girl, right? But not like other girls, of course, of course...


If you want to know what Xochilt's thinking, just ask. Don't weigh her down with details, she's seen it all before. Impatient, impulsive, Xochilt's time is valuable, lets wrap this paragraph up already!